Balance and Harmony by Matthew Allen

Mixed Media and Found Objects

Balance and Harmony by Matthew Allen

and Harmony

Mixed media
and found objects

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‘Balance and harmony’ is arguably what is achieved when a built
environment emulates a sculpture, achieving a perceived peace within an urban
environment. Lockdown caused people to become aware of their living
environments and recognise that they were unsuitable and lacked the qualities necessary
to provide a harmonious stay, when confined to their immediate vicinity. I feel
it is important to create a balance between nature and man-made materials
within cities to provide an escape from the traffic, crowds, and the general
feeling of rushing somewhere. Greenery and courtyards served as a bubble to
socialise outside, get fresh air, and connect with people.

The pandemic made a lot of people feel vulnerable, architecture
that makes us feel protected but also inviting is important. As a result my
work is inspired by my visit to the Barbican estate. In particular the
defensive, fort like exterior, and the inviting, nature-orientated courtyard.
As well as the balance achieved between Brutalist architecture and nature.

I was further inspired by Tony Cragg in choosing my materials, as
his sculpture ‘stack’ used discarded items in skips. With my theme looking a nature
and how the pandemic caused a rise in one use plastics, I decided to explore
and use recycled objects and materials in my sculptural development.

My intention was to create a concept piece of sculptural
architecture. that achieves a balanced composition of greys and greens. I used
Piet Mondrian’s theory of balancing colours and using geometric line to create
an ‘Universal Beauty’.   

Medium Mixed Media and Found Objects - more
Artist New College Stamford Art Foundation Exhibition - more


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