Body Traces by Trish Chlipala

Body Traces by Trish Chlipala

Multimedia, Sculpture & Video Duration 03:29

150 x 180 cm

80 x 150 cm

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Often referencing the human body this work is
informed by my long-standing interest in performance and wish to communicate
via my body while drawing upon a tradition of automatism, body art, and
happenings. Channelling my thoughts, feelings and processes behind my physical
presence and form I force together mark-making, sculpture, performance and
video. My mark-making is underscored by an unconscious approach, traversing the
intersection between the human body and chance as I rely on movement to create
organic lines and anthropomorphic forms which are carried from my body to paper
as traces and gestures. This practice recalls the pioneering work of Yves
Klein, Caroline Denervaud and Jean Arp. 

Presented alongside these abstract drawings
composed of translation where the physical traces of my body are present is a
sculptural form. Mirroring distinguishing features of my drawings, the solitary
sculpture explores the action of changing state between my body and its
movements during the making process to form figurations of the triumphs of the
human body. I aim to portray a sense of desperation to overcome corporeal
boundaries as I transform my body into sculpture by entwining strips of fabric
impregnated by plaster around my body, which acts as a cathartic experience for
myself. With this in mind, this creates a sculpture that has essentially drawn
itself by tracing my unconscious movements as a cast from my body that suggests
the absence of inhibition.

Overall, the work invites the viewer to engage
on an individual level while a wider dialogue unfolds between them and my mind
throughout the space as a whole. There is a hope that the viewer may become
aware of their own mechanisms, the internal multitudes that fire us into being
alongside the possibilities of our unconscious as an outcome of being exposed
to my body of work.







Artist New College Stamford Art Foundation Exhibition - more


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