Crypt by Isabel Adams

Oil and mixed media on canvas

Crypt by Isabel Adams

Oil and mixed media on canvas 136 x 94 cm £200  The
culture behind storytelling and myths is a reoccurring theme in my work.
Looking at the theme ‘Pandemic’, I imagined how the era of Covid-19 will be
re-told and developed in the future. I was inspired greatly by Henry Moore’s
time as a war artist, and Anselm Kiefer’s reflection upon the effect of the
Second World War on German Culture. Researching history, myths and religious
texts I discovered stories and events that transformed people: Lot’s wife, who
was turned to a pillar of salt in the Bible, Greek mythology in which a nymph
was transformed into a tree or a group of people who decided to live in the
sewers during the Black Death in 1665. My main piece therefore, looks at the effects
that Lockdown has had on people- as if they were wasting away, feeling as if
they were alone or becoming shadows of their former selves. My work dramatises
interiors, making them tunnel-like and claustrophobic, and the human form which
becomes a skeletal structure, both isolated and frail in appearance.

Medium Oil and mixed media on canvas - more
Artist New College Stamford Art Foundation Exhibition - more


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