Ergonomic by Ethan Waring


Ergonomic by Ethan Waring

On my walks during lock down I became interested in natural and how they weathered
and broke down over time. However, I found myself becoming intrigued too by the
human form, and how it reacted to and impacted the environment around it. With
my project focusing on Deterioration I began to use casting to explore the
surface of human skin, touch and negative space.

I have been inspired by famous designers such as Sato Oki who looked at how human
form affected ergonomics in things such as chairs to make them fit the human
body and actually encourage natural seating positions. In my work I wanted to
create a similar experience and I want something that encourages tactile interaction,
this concept piece represents a sculptural piece for you to touch and hold, to
experience how it feels in your hands, how it feels to sit on. I see this piece
as a sculpture that could be placed as part of a grouping at a scenic point on
a walk.

Medium Plaster - more
Artist New College Stamford Art Foundation Exhibition - more


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