Exploration of Pattern by Karli Dunkling

Lino print and handmade paper on board

Exploration of Pattern by Karli Dunkling

x 44.5cm

My aim for this project was to explore the
world of surface design and how pattern is often included within it. The works
of William Morris and Owen Jones inspired me to create my own pattern design
that could potentially be used on fabrics
and products. 

Today’s society is influenced by how things
look and are often influenced by fashion more than personal taste. The recent Pandemic forced people to stay at home and
possibly realise that the idea of things looking
perfect is not as important as what interests us as individuals. This idea is still very
much present, but people are beginning to
accept that it doesn’t necessarily matter as to what things look like. I decided to base the concept of my project on this idea of
something being pretty yet not perfect to society’s standards.Within my project, I have researched a
variety of artists and practitioners that have explored the idea of pattern.
Initially inspired by Owen Jones whose designs introduced me to the world of
tiling and I found a growing interest in
the way a pattern can be repeated. This influenced me
to create my own tile that I could then use in different ways. I began to
explore having my initial prints deconstructed and reformed to create a
distressed aesthetic that disrupts the properties of pattern. This exploration
of my ideas can be viewed in the piece above.

Medium Lino print and handmade paper on board - more
Artist New College Stamford Art Foundation Exhibition - more


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