Mixed Media

Locked-down by Jaden Hirst


My work was inspired
through recording Stamford through film and photography, observing the impacts
that the pandemic had on the shops and the people in a space that would usually
be very busy. I was intrigued by
the theme of isolation and how this global pandemic has made us feel alone and
entrapped within our houses and how these feelings have expanded through the
experience of lockdown.Through initially researching into collage and the DADA
movement, I began combining
different elements such as imagery and text Inspired by the work of Sarah
Davidson who combined hand stitching and embroidery with her illustrations and
photographs, I began to combine processes to
create a mixed media outcome.When creating this outcome, I wanted
it to stand out with its use of bold colour contrasts and combinations of
different textures and experimental processes. Based on
my photo of central Stamford. I wanted to create a
personal or nostalgic scene, which local people will instantly recognise and
feel immersed in.

A1 - £60.00

Medium Mixed Media - more
Artist New College Stamford Art Foundation Exhibition - more


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