Pandemic by Annabel Fowler

Collage Photography and Lino Print

Pandemic by Annabel Fowler

The current Covid situation has inspired this piece, and
rather than be a stop or hinderance to my art, it has in
fact helped my work and development. I was inspired by
Micosch Holland, Elliott Erwitt, Susan Meiselas, and their
freeing and documentary style of looking at the world
and everyday life on the street.
The piece starts with the idea of the Pandemic, and
includes; documentary elements, the medias
representation of it, observations of how it looks in real
life, human interaction (or lack of it) during this time and
how it has drastically changed ‘normality’. Even the
smaller details that we are now used to but a year ago
would have thought very strange.
I would like to know how it makes you feel, whether it
represents the Pandemic for you personally, and the
emotions you take from it.

A1 - £50.00

Medium Collage Photography and Lino Print - more
Artist New College Stamford Art Foundation Exhibition - more


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