Saturday 10am - 1pm - Watercolour with Iryna Haslam


Saturday 10am - 1pm - Watercolour with Iryna Haslam

Water & Reflection in Watercolour 

Class Materials will be provided for the first couple of lessons, and you will be advised on what would be beneficial for future classes and for practice at home. 

The course comprises three workshops with very essential practical skills to create water scenes using a wide range of watercolour techniques. The Water & Reflection is tailored for a very small group to deliver lots of personal attention to each of the participants. 

Closed online groups will be created by the tutor for the duration of the course for additional support and encouragement of the students’ progress. 

What is the course about? 

WATER. Understand the shape and the image of the water in still and dynamic state. Learn the aerial perspective and how to simplify shapes. 

WATER REFLECTION. Get familiar with the laws of water reflection. Immerse in such a complex topic as the reflection of boats in water. 

THE INFLUENCE OF THE DAYLIGHT. Examine the image of water and reflection affected by different types of light. 

BOATS. Get familiar with essential techniques to portray boats. 

What participants will do During the three consecutive workshops we will learn to portray waves of water, boats, work with mirror reflection and its complex shape, master your own paintings with basic rules of composition. Following the tutor demonstration, each workshop will be concluded with individual watercolour painting of water scenes based on references provided by the tutor.

Is the course suitable for me? 
● Do you see the world in the form of lines and bright colours? 
● Are you already painting in watercolour and would like to enhance your practice with new techniques? 
● Do you have inspiration to paint water, reflections, boats? 
● Do you already have drawing and painting skills in other media but always wanted to try watercolour? 
● Do you like Iryna’s paintings and are fascinated how she does that? 
● Would you like to meet new arty friends and be part of a creative social group? 

If you answer YES to one of these questions, then the Water & Reflection course is suitable for you! Welcome on board! 

17/10/20 Lesson 1. Painting deciduous trees.
Learn essential drawing/painting techniques to portray trunks, branching options and foliage.
Experiment with different tools and complete a painting of landscape with foliage.
24/10/20 Lesson 2. Essential technics for painting coniferous trees.
Concentrating on essential drawing/painting techniques to portray coniferous trees.
Experiment with alternative tools as sponges and a palette knife.
Created painting of tree lines in forest scene.
31/10/20 Lesson 3. Wet-in-wet cloudy sky.
Learning essential techniques to portray clouds.
Understanding different stages of water cycle in watercolour.
Complete painting of the cloudy sky using photo reference.
07/11/20 Lesson 4. Essential techniques to paint meadow scene.
Colour mixing and brush stroke options for illustrating grass
Create a painting of local meadow scene.
14/11/20 Lesson 5. Lake side scene with rocks, grass and swans.
Learning essential skills to portray rocks and birds
21/11/20 Lesson 6. Snow storm in the forest.
Exploring a limited palette, different ways of application of masking fluid
Create a painting of winter forest scene.
28/11/20 Lesson 7. Water Reflection.The Town Bridge over the River Welland.
Concentrating on drawing/painting architecture, water reflections
Exploring colour mixing techniques, limited palette.
Create a painting of a bridge over the river.
05/12/20 Lesson 8. Stamford St. Mary’s church winter view.
Concentrating on perspective, drawing buildings, day light and its effect
Colour mixing techniques, limited palette
Creating painting with festive views of Stamford’s famous church.
Medium Watercolour - more
Genres TBC
Artist Irena Haslam - more


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