A selection of Annie's past works and a range of new pieces, compricing of paintings, sculpture , ceramics, etching and drawings. I had a rather unconventional and if I may say so, an unenviable childhood…having been brought up primarily in the Australian outback where life was very difficult at times. I have had no formal training as an artist, which, from time to time I had desired in the early days but not resented. This lack of training has left me with the ability to struggle and experiment with the nature and
usage of various materials in somewhat unconventional ways. My ignorance in this respect, has also given me the ability to freely create to my heart’s content with all sorts of materials and ideas and to make all the mistakes which have necessarily got me to where I have arrived today.
I have had about four solo exhibitions throughout Australia and one solo exhibition in my studio In Wing during The Rutland Studios exhibition of 2014. I also have exhibited in a mixed exhibition, Cockbill Barn Galley, Seaton. 2013. My first art prize was a book awarded to me by the Flying Art School when I was 4. Since then, I have won the Rockhampton Art Prize (aged 20) and the Cloncurry Art Prize (aged 22). My latest Prize, awarded recently ..this month, by the WVAS has come as a lovely surprize and given me the impetus to keep on Creating.
From the many pen and ink drawings of National Trust buildings I used to produce and had published in four books and exhibited in various galleries throughout Australia, my artworks have developed away from having a dependency of being anchored in reality… or what can be seen. Nowadays, I draw upon my imagination and I’m loving the process of creating imaginative stuff! I have .. in part, to thank Catherine Headley, whose lively chatty classes I have joined from time to time, for coaxing me towards the world of abstraction and imagination.
Besides being represented by The Contemporary Gallery Stamford, my works can be seen at the James Fairfax Gallery in Burnham Market, Norfolk My earlier work is represented in Government House, Brisbane; the Rockhampton Mayoral Office, Rockhampton, as well as various private collections throughout Australia and New Zealand, and private collections throughout this part of the world.
The following four books on National Trust Buildings.. all Published by Boolarong Publications Not To Be Trusted (1979)
Drawn To The Coast (1979)
Held In Trust (1980)
In Trust (1982)
Entry: Artists and Galleries of Australia and New Zealand by Max Germaine,
Lansdowne Editions; 1979
Entry: Pol Magazine 1980
To view more of my works please visit my website. Annelindleyart.co.uk

Dog (ii)

Annie Lindley

Dog (ii)

My Basket