Wednesday 10am - 1pm - Art Textiles with Beverley Wrigley-Pheasant (starting September)

Wednesday 10am - 1pm (Starting September)

The course
title of Art Textiles  is posed in order
to clarify that this is not a needlework craft course but one that is to
introduce and explore textiles techniques, with a view to experimentation in
order to be creative with the production of a piece of artwork. The techniques
that are more traditional such as batik, felting and couching will be
experimented with, but exiting processes such as shibori will be introduced and

equipment will be supplied: such as tjantings and wax kettles, irons and
ironing boards, student will need to initially arrive with a paper and pencils
for drafting out ideas and potentially some means of applying colour. A basic
sewing kit with needles, threads and sharp scissors would also be advised. A
selection of fabrics will be available; however old clothing from a charity
shop is a good source for inexpensive fabric.

Art Textiles classes will run on a fortnightly timetable, the first class will be on Tuesday 20th April 2021, and run fortnightly there after.

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